The Westerleigh Tennis Club, a private tennis club located in Staten Island, NY since 1910, strives to promote tennis, other sporting events, as well as social activities that are of interest and benefits to our members.

President: Glen Saul-  Vice President: Bill Miller - Treasurer: Mike Anicito -  Secretary: Jeanine Khoury


Board Members: Neil Seff, Theresa Faciola, and Artie Perlman 

Spring 2021 Cleanup 


On a sunny 60 degree day, eleven, club members responded to Bill Miller’s call for a 9:00 A.M. spring club cleanup on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

            In alphabetical order, the eleven work volunteers were:

Mike Anicito, Ron Berntheal, Craig Cosenza, Lou Feig, Derek Ishmael, Chris Keane, Marino Longetti, Bill Miller, Glenn Saul, Ann Serena and Mort Wasserman.

            Bill Miller is very grateful to the eleven club members who volunteered to give up their time to work at the Club Spring Cleanup.  Bill extends a hearty thank you for helping out. 


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Brother Dominic Gisondo





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The 2021 Annual Board Meeting


, I will circulate detailed minutes later this week.  Please take the time to review them as their are lots of exciting things that you will want to know about!  For example, we will be launching several working committees and look forward to participation from our membership.

An annual meeting wouldn't be complete without our elections. Bond holders had the opportunity to vote for 3 Director opeings for our Board.  We had 56% or 32 of our 57 active Bond Holders voted. This is one of the largest level of participation in recent years.

I am excited to share that Glenn Saul and Teresa Facciola were re-elected for another term and Wayne Clarke has joined the Board.  Directly following the Annual meeting, the Board regrouped to confirm the following officer positions:

Glenn Saul              President

Bill Miller                 Vice President

Mike Anicito            Treasurer

Jeanine Khoury       Secretary

Neil, Teresa and Wayne will hold general positions, as well as instrumental roles in lead Working Committees (to be announced)

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2021 Photos

Jeanine Khoury

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